Chapelhill Ministries

Our Mission

Chapelhill International Ministries is committed to excellence in communicating Christian ideas and principles for today and the future, in a clear, accurate, and encouraging fashion, expounding on the truths of Scriptures, and the person of Jesus Christ.  Conveying to all people, the need for Christ and the abundant victory available in God’s love; inspiring them to live a life of faith, unity, charity and love.

To actively support the work of local, regional, national and international ministries and places of worship, for the growth and development of the ministry, addressing spiritual needs, and the wellbeing of the communities they serve; in a spirit of true unity, through mentorship and developed strategies.

Our Ministries

Chapelhill International Ministries commitment to excellence extends to focus, especially when it comes to the vehicles being used to accomplish our aforementioned mission.  Thus, each facet of our ministry addresses a specific area, with a specific purpose; of which, we have chosen to profile below.

ENCourage - Chapelhill Ministries
enCourage Ministries

The enCourage initiative, brings the Message of Hope in Jesus Christ through encouragement, by expounding on the truths of scripture, and reinforcing how it effects our everyday lives.

This outreach focuses on two distinctive groups, the unbeliever, and the believer. Our objective is to see that we address both groups with positive (Christ centered) messages and teachings that will motivate and evoke them to respond, and to act.

Through our enCourage evangelistic encounters, we encourage unbelievers to have the courage to begin to focus and stay focused on Jesus. To reflect on God’s motivation towards them, and the unfathomable priced paid; giving them the opportunity to receive God’s free gift of salvation; and support their walk of faith in Christ, seeing their lives transformed from loss and victimized, to a victorious life of abundant love in God.

Our enCourage encounters to the believer, is designed to reinforce and strengthen their knowledge of who they are in Christ, and what He says concerning them; thus, encouraging them to increase their faith to believe in the promises and blessings of God as found in the scriptures, resulting in stronger and more fruitful walk in Him.


Revive 21 Ministries

It is a well-documented fact, that for the last decade the local church universally has been in decline. The challenges facing the church today are varied and diverse, and range from internal concerns, to congregational, to global culture, to the instantaneous realities of today and so on. These and other factors affect every area of ministry regardless of location, size or affiliation.

The goal of Revive 21 Ministries is to bring growth and revitalization to the local church, through our long-term growth and relationship building initiatives. These initiatives are developed and delivered to meet the needs of a specific minister, leadership group, or place of worship, providing them with the essential biblical tools, support and encouragement to impact their communities with the love and compassion of Christ; and thus, experience growth in every area of ministry.

Operation Christmas Card

Operation Christmas Card

Operation Christmas Card is a compassionate outreach to the homeless of the Greater Toronto Area.  For the past seventeen years Chapelhill Ministries has spent Christmas Eve on the streets of Toronto sharing the love and compassion of Christ with the homeless in a very personal and relational way.

The objectives of this ministry is to spend time engaging the unfortunate in conversation about their needs and condition, and offer immediate assistance, recommendations, and sharing the goodwill of the season.

Each person is given a Christmas card with a personalize message of encouragement, love, and wishes for a better tomorrow. Each card is filled with essentials for their well-being, both physically and spiritually. The cards include gifts to ensure they are warm and have the means for nourishment, and a small amount of cash for dignity purposes.

 International Ministry

Chapelhill International Ministries strives to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ around the world through our own directives as well as association with other ministries on the ground in various nations.

Through our international outreach we support the work of Christian ministries by providing, funds, bibles, materials, equipment as well as spiritual support and encouragement. These charitable ministries provide life sustaining, and life changing services, that are making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Chapelhill currently supports the training of Christian leaders in Pakistan via Chapelhill Christian Training Center, and the work of other ministries in five other countries.

Chapelhill Weddings

A wedding is one of the most significant events in life of a person. It’s the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It’s the beginning of establishing and building a family together; and it symbolizes the commitment and covenant in which their love is sealed and strengthened by God’s love.

This joyous ministry was established to bring joy, laughter, and wonderful memories to each and every couple.  Chapelhill Weddings has presided over hundreds of weddings bringing a balance of faith, etiquette and humour that it sought after by couples wishing to united their lives in marriage.

Chapelhill Media

In this instantaneous society it is important that we remain current and up-to-date with technology, and all affective ways of delivering the Gospel message and communicating Christian ideas and principles to an ever distracted and fickle global community.

This key aspect of the ministry is multi-faceted as it responsible for our publishing, broadcasting, social media and website production.

As aforementioned, present day society demands information that is quick and accessible, as well as presented in a user friendly format. Chapelhill Media understands the importance of all media, and how it requires special attention to excellence in delivering materials that will inspire growth in its audience’s faith; thus, our media ministry is committed to high standards, in radio programming, in books and printed materials, responsible social media, and the growth of our website.