Where Donations Go

Where do my donations go, is a very popular and important question asked by those giving or those considering giving to any charitable organization or ministry.

Everyone wants to know where their money is going, what is it doing, and is it making a difference. In short, they want to know if they’ve made a good investment, or, to use some Christianese, has it been sown into good ground.

Jesus recommended that we shouldn’t get too engrossed in our earthly investments, because they are temporary and have a habit of disappearing (Matthew 6:19). Instead, for those who really want to see their investments flourish, Jesus advises us to invest in eternity. Jesus promised that this type of investment, will never cease to pay dividends (Matthew 6:20) and always reveals our true priorities (Matthew 6:21).

This all sounds a little to Wall Street, talking about investments; however, your giving to the work of the Gospel will always be beneficial, and will always be added to your account both personally and spiritually (Luke 6:38).

When making a donation to Chapelhill International Ministries you can rest assured that your gift is invested into the work of the Kingdom. Over the course of past two decades every donation has assisted this ministry in changing thousands of lives for the glory of God.

We believe in complete openness and honesty regarding anything financial and your trusted investment is no different; how we allocate our donor’s investments are listed below:

How your gifts to this ministry are spent

(Based on 100%)

International Outreach 25%
The enCourage Initiative 23%
Revive 21 12%
Operation Christmas Card 10%
Media/Broadcasting 15%
Fundraising 05%
Support/ Administration 10%

As you seek to be a good and wise steward of God’s treasures, please consider this; that we believe you will find us ‘good and faith servants’ of the donations the Lord has graciously given to us through our faithful donors.