World Healing Day

Join Dr. Charles J. Sathmary at the World Healing Day Conference

Your miracle awaits at the 2019 World Healing Day held at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Toronto Airport West located at 5599 Ambler Drive, Mississauga ON. This day of breakthroughs and miracles begins at 8:30 AM to 1 PM.
“I truly believe that everyone who attends will experience a special touch of God; and I look forward to a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, so plan to attend.”                                                                       Charles J. Sathmary
Speakers include:                                God’s Man of Miracles – Rev. Dr. Charles J. Sathmary, Apostle Juliester Alvarez,           Rev. Phil Lewis, and Pastor Sunday Adebmiro, hosted by Apostle Dr. E. Stewart. 
For information contact Chapelhill Ministries at 416-821-4125 or Bethesda Miracle Event at 905-706-2151
A donation of $35.oo upon arrival 


Big Miracles at Big Church

On the last Sunday of the month, Big Church hosts a Healing Service, in which the healing manifestation of God’s power is demonstrated by the miraculous healings that occur at these meetings. People from all occupations and various areas of belief have come and received a touch of God in their lives, and bear witnesses to the goodness of a loving Saviour.

Pastor’s Greg and Sheila Neuman are always seeking out individuals who have been touched, blessed, and anointed by the Lord to share, encourage, and minister from the scriptures of God’s covenant of healing in these special services. This past May they extended an invitation to Chapelhill’s Charles J. Sathmary.

In that service, Charles shared portions of his testimony regarding the twelve healing miracles he has experienced in his life, as well as, expounding on the importance of faith.  He stressed that we must develop a conquering faith, by trusting in God’s faithfulness to honour His promises to us, especially when it comes to healing and our health. He encouraged everyone seeking healing to extend what faith they had, and believe that God, by the power of the Holy Spirit would touch their bodies and restore their health. That healing belongs to them, because the Lord Jesus Christ provided it.

During the time of prayer, the presence of the Lord was intense as the spiritual gifts were in operation as people began to receive. Later on, the reports came in of all the various healings that occurred in that meeting as well as confirmed by doctors. Healing ranged from heart issues, to chronic pain, to severe back issue, etc.

Charles endeavours to help sick people understand, that either by a supernatural manifestation of the Spirit of God or by getting God’s Word in them so that faith will rise as they stand on the promises of God who is faithful and has begun the process of restoring their health. That one way or another they shall receive their healing regardless of the situation. In addition, he stands together united in faith with them, fully convinced that it will happen.

On August 26 at 10:30 AM, once again Charles will be sharing the love of God at  Big Church in Barrie, Ontario. Charles will be speaking about the Importance of focus, in relationship to faith as well as his most recent miracle. You won’t want to miss this time of supernatural healing, so plan to be there.

I truly believe in what is stated in the Bible, and what God says concerning healing; and that is, that healing is a promise of God that belongs to you; and by faith in Christ, it’s yours

                                                                           Charles J. Sathmary




Higher Dimension Encounter

This month, Faith Factor Ministries International presents the Higher Dimension Encounter Weekend.

This encounter features anointed speakers such as, Dr. Mike Efe-Zino, Apostle William Arelogbe, Dr. Charles J. Sathmary, and Apostle Victor Phillips, with special guest Dr. Morris Cerullo.

This encounter will be a time of Prophecy, Healing, Miracles and Breakthroughs, so plan to attend this July 13, 14 and 15 at Faith Factor Church, 9527 McLeod Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. For more information call 905-357-9393


Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso, Dr. Morris Cerullo, and Rev. Charles J. Sathmary


This weekend, Toronto was blessed to have Dr. Morris Cerullo in town to impart to the body of Christ as well as church leadership. The 87 year old evangelist and prophet, who is also celebrating 72 years in ministry was in town to promote his last crusade in Canada this coming October, and to show his appreciation for the out pouring of love and support he has received over the many years, and especially recently.

Over a year ago, Morris Cerullo was sent home to die from an incurable flesh eating disease called Vasculitis. This disease attached his right leg eating away at his flesh, and also leaving his right leg paralyzed. Bedridden, unable to walk, and with no help forthcoming from the doctors, God miraculously healed him. Dr. Cerullo said “ when God healed me, I crossed over into a fresh anointing and experience with Him”. Then he said, that God told him, to show the world the miracle God preformed in his life, and in doing so the miracle working power of His presence will be there for all those in need.

Revitalized and recharged Dr. Cerullo has been travelling the world honouring God, by displaying the miraculous and praying for the sick. During this time his heart for souls has always been at the forefront of his heart; and because of that desire, God has released him to conduct his final four crusades, of which, one will be in Toronto this October.

Dr. Cerullo began the weekend Saturday night at the International Center, with over 600 partners of the ministry in attendance. There he shared his heart and love for them, and also conveyed the future plans for the ministry in the establishment of the Legacy Center in San Diego, California. It was a wonderful evening of love, prayer, celebration, and anointing.

Sunday Dr. Cerullo preached on the “Greatest Miracle”  at the Miracle Arena for All Nations in Toronto, hosted by Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso, and his family. This was a powerful evening of worship, miracles and the prophetic, as both Dr. Cerullo and Danso ministered to over 800 people in attendance.

Monday concluded Dr. Cerullo’s visit, with a pastor’s breakfast held at the Old Mill Toronto where a 110 pastors listened as Dr. Cerullo shared his heart for the lost and the importance of unity. This was an amazing time of fellowship, and cooperation as the ministry looks to conduct its final crusades in North America.

If you would like more information regarding the October Crusade go to or contact Pastor Charles J. Sathmary Pastoral Relations Director for MCWE Canada at 416.821.4125


Spiritual Blessings

At the beginning of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he states that this letter is to all the devoted believers, who have been made holy by being one with Jesus, the Anointed One
 The letter goes on to say, that God Himself has released grace over the believer imparting total well-being to us. Additionally, Paul conveys that every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us, as a gift of love from our wonderful heavenly Father. God does this because He see us wrapped (united) into Christ; and this is why we celebrate Him with all our hearts.
As a believer in Christ Jesus, we must recognize in His providential grace, God has already given us total blessing which He has lavished on us. Spiritual doesn’t refer to immaterial blessings, as opposed to material ones, but rather to work of God, who is the divine and spiritual source of all blessings. All the blessings of God are rooted in the spiritual heavenly realm first, before they are manifested in the physical realm.
God’s superabundant blessings belong only to the believer, His children, by faith who are one with Christ, to whom He bestows His righteousness, resources, privilege, position, and power.
So we praise God for His gifts to us through Christ, who revealed both our possibilities and the power to actualize them. For all spiritual blessings have been given to us, so let’s receive and enjoy the manifestation of God’s love.



Goodbye Dear Friend

Billy Graham 1918 – 2018

Today the world says goodbye to a dear friend, and brother in Christ Jesus. He now takes up new residence in glory, where peace, love and joy and the eternal presence of the Lord are with him.  I know Billy is exactly where he wants to be, as I remember, not too long ago his grandson Will asked a group of pastors not to pray for his granddad if they got word that he was in poor health. He said, his granddad was looking forward to going home and being with the great love of his soul.
William Franklin Graham Jr. was an American Christian Protestant evangelist and an ordained Southern Baptist minister who became well known internationally after 1949. He has been called one of the most influential preachers of the 20th century.  Billy Graham was known for he large outdoor crusades, in which millions gave their lives to Christ.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and all those who knew and loved him.
The legacy left by Billy Graham will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.



100 Huntley Street

Reverend Charles J. Sathmary, Executive Director and Senior Pastor of Chapelhill International Ministries has been invited to appear on nation’s longest running Christian television program 100 Huntley Street. Charles will sharing his amazing testimony of how God has miraculously healed him multiple times from strokes to cancer, and how his total faith in God was the key.
If you, or someone you know has been believing for your healing, be it physical or emotional, please don’t miss this program. It will encourage you in new ways to increase your faith, to trust in the promises of God, while developing a conquering faith that leads to victory.
Tapping is set for this February, with the broadcast date sometime in March. Keep checking this page for more details, and please keep Charles in your prayers.

A Testimony of Grace

The story of Charles J. Sathmary

The full episode can be found by going to – full episodes – April 3rd 2018

Chapelhill Returns to Pakistan


Chapelhill International Ministries is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Servant Project for Asia to proclaim the Name of Christ to the nation of Pakistan. This collaborative effort will provide this predominantly Muslim country with Christian places of worship, and training centers to further the gospel in this region of the world. In addition to the aforementioned, it will increase the level of support for our humanitarian outreaches.
In a spirit of true unity, the two ministries have agreed to combine their existing efforts and initiatives to enable a greater impact on the nation for the glory of God.  Under the combined leadership of Reverend Charles J. Sathmary of Chapelhill International Ministries, and Sakhawat Maseeh, President of Servant Project for Asia, the two ministries have begun the process of strategic planning for 2018.
Evangelist Maseeh said of this new collaboration “Our local leadership is very excited  for this partnership with Chapelhill. We hope this will make a difference in the lives of many hopeless people in Pakistan, as we will proclaim His name among unreached people here and beyond.”
The Servant Project for Asia (SPA) is an evangelistic inter-denominational, non-profit, and non -government registered organization in Pakistan with a passion to bring social and spiritual change throughout Asia. Our vision is to create a Revolution of Love throughout the Asia opening the windows of heaven to allow the rain of God’s presence to fall upon His people.
“I very pleased, and blessed to partner with SPA and brother Sakhawat, this is an answer to prayer. I believe it is our duty as Christians to support the work of the Gospel in difficult regions of the world. We were concerned, as our presence in Pakistan was disrupted by extreme levels of persecution, and our leadership was force to flee the region last year. This new God given opportunity it vital to ensure the Good News of Christ is proclaimed to Muslim nations” said Reverend Sathmary.
The two ministries plan to establish Chapelhill Christian Fellowship Pakistan in 2018 beginning with four churches, in addition to a Chapelhill Christian Training Centre in 2020. The ministry will continue its evangelistic and humanitarian outreaches under the banner of SPA.
The need in Pakistan is great, this is a country of contrasts politically, socially, economically, spiritually oppressed, and so much more.  The people of Pakistan need our prayers, but they also need our humanitarian assistance especially in the rural areas. So we are asking for your assistance, will you please prayerfully consider giving and partnering with us in this wonderful work of the Lord. You can do so, by going to the ‘Donations’ selection of the website and go to Targeted Support and give your best gift.       God bless you!