ENCourage - Chapelhill Ministries



The enCourage initiative, brings the Message of Hope in Jesus Christ through encouragement, by expounding on the truths of scripture, and reinforcing how it effects our everyday lives.

This outreach focuses on two distinctive groups, the unbeliever, and the believer. Our objective is to see that we address both groups with positive (Christ centered) messages and teachings that will motivate and evoke them to respond, and to act.

Through our enCourage evangelistic encounters, we encourage unbelievers to have the courage to begin to focus and stay focused on Jesus. To reflect on God’s motivation towards them, and the unfathomable priced paid; giving them the opportunity to receive God’s free gift of salvation; and support their walk of faith in Christ, seeing their lives transformed from loss and victimized, to a victorious life of abundant love in God.

Our enCourage encounters to the believer, is designed to reinforce and strengthen their knowledge of who they are in Christ, and what He says concerning them; thus, encouraging them to increase their faith to believe in the promises and blessings of God as found in the scriptures, resulting in stronger and more fruitful walk in Him.