Harvest Mission Church – Kenya

Rev. Ogendi Nakuru


I as born in Nyakome village, Boking’oina, Kitutu Chache in KISII-Kenya, JAN 20TH 1965; the first son of Samson and Annah Oyori.I never had any religious teachings or prayers since my parents were not real Christians but Mum was a self- confessed Roman catholic. My early life was full of misery and hardship, as I grew up in poverty with a brokenhearted mother, unable to offer hope to her children and other trials almost destitute as Daddy kept running after other women. Being the first son of the first wife in a polygamous family, I had a lonely childhood, as Daddy left us and Mum without choice but to suffer and live in abject poverty. Domestic chaos were the order of the day and I lacked a father’s love and guidance.

During lonely times, I could go near the church fence at the far end and sit to listen to music. Our home being near the church but very far from church; several times, I could go sit and listen to music from the church. The pastor, who had spotted me come to listen to their music several times, came near the fence and invited me to join them in the church. I did not go the same day but … The village church then had real revival as people came for prayers at 3 o’clock in the afternoons daily and also 3 o’clock in the mornings till six. Their meetings were full of “fire and life”….God used the songs to draw me unto Himself and three Sundays later, I did give my life to Jesus Christ through the Mat.11.28 at the village Pentecostal church. My new life in Jesus began but at home, nothing NEW was visible. Life was miserable and loneliness…

I had no opportunity of going to church with my parents or receiving their prayers, I longed for education to university level [I went to Nyansakia Primary School, Kenyoro Secondary School and St. Stephen’s High School in KISII], and become a lawyer but had to stop and work, just to help my mother provide for the family of five children behind me. No one was available  to say good things or words to encourage me live for God .Life was full of temptations,trials,tests ,tribulations and discouragement on every side ,rejected and forsaken by all…I lived a life of hardship, shame, lack and want. God began to deal with me in visions and dreams but when I shared, I got criticized and discouraged by leaders who never knew what God wanted with me. I would read the Bible, pray a lot and peace would come to my heart. My real calling began the night I got the baptism with the Holy Spirit the Bible way. After  crying to God for about three hours, due to “something” that hurt me deeply, some ‘warm oil’ came upon my head then strange words coming from my mouth…”something got hold” of me then after sometime I got silent but audible words “son, you are mine and I am with you. I am your father I love you…”. I never knew God speaks through human voice but the next five days “someone kept walking” with me, had peace and some ‘warmth’ over me. I also had more hunger to pray, my desire to read the Bible increased …since that night I understood that God knew all about me and my future was special. I begun to love God more but life at home was very miserable…Daddy hated us and almost every one of his relatives ceased to love and visit us. Hated and rejected by all! Even from the church very near at home; no one came to visit me only waited for me to go to church!!

In the village God’s work is for those who have failed “everywhere” and since many die very poor, I was not ready to accept being a preacher. I wanted to study and become a lawyer, earn a good salary and have a happy family. As a Sunday school teacher in the local church, people began to say my work was good and increase was realized. I had much opposition, was abused and misused but God came to my rescue. Since 1996, God began to prepare me for His work, I began to read good books of men used by God and I got convinced God can use me for greater works. I know the pain and emptiness of growing up without a loving father, a caring pastor or a genuine ministry mentor. Just an ‘orphan’ both in the natural and spiritual life.



Come 1998, I had a dream that made me agree with God even though at first I never knew all about it. In the dream, two men dressed in white appeared to me and told me to rise and be part of the’ new church’. They said I have a part to do in God’s ‘new church’ but I refused and told them there were enough churches! Amazingly in the dream I was talking to the strange visitors as if I was their adviser!! The same year I was travelling in a bus at night from Eldoret to Nairobi (both in Kenya), I met a fellow passenger who sat beside me and wanted to see my palms. He said ‘these hands can work for God; a great work is before you…’ He refused to tell me his name. I did forget all about the dream but in 2000, during a leadership conference, God visited me at some Hotel in Nairobi with a clear word in two words: just obey!! Same year in Nairobi I  got to see Benny Hinny live  being used with genuine healings and God touching many people, so my hunger for God got stirred up. I went 8 days first long fasting at the Menengai Cave; God gave me many dreams and visions that I keep looking for their fulfillment in the future. God is willing and able to reveal Himself through miracles, signs and wonders in the lives of yielded willing vessels that are available.

Since I was born again, I have served as Sunday school teacher, Sunday school superintendent, youth leader, home fellowship leader, deacon, intercessory leader, and pastoral work. I got married in 1993 to Lucy Moraa ( born a female) and have been blessed with four children-Flavius, Theophilus, Shelton and Marvel, two boys and two girls. Our home as at now is in Nakuru, Kenya.I did work with the government of Kenya for 18 years, I resigned in 2007 to go fulltime ministry. God has trained me but has taken many years of preparation and has planned to fulfill His divine purposes in and through us in this final generation. I have a deep hunger to serve God and the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, to uplift the fallen and broken crying daily but helpless. God wants to meet and reach His people. I believe God is raising the David, the Gideon, the Nehemiah and Daniel of the hour to push back darkness and shame in the church. God is taking the “church” within the church to another level and we must be willing to pay the price.

My vision is based on Matt.9:53-38, John. 4:35-38 and Joel 2:28-30.  God has marked me with a passion to stir the people for repentance and revival to win the lost for our Lord Jesus. I have said “yes” to the call and Iam willing to embrace it whatever the cost. God has timing and choice but, rewards obedience and faithfulness. We must refocus our attention and efforts upon completing all that God has called and anointed us to do.

God has given me a special assignment to bring about the reality of the Pentecostal pattern. God is stirring people in many areas, who are reaching out for more of God and His presence. They want the reality of Christ manifest, evidence that indeed God is real. We must have an inflow of the life of God manifested, because we are in the hour of prophetic manifestations and completion. Everything depends upon our being filled with the Holy Spirit and, God is waiting to give without measure to each and everyone. He wants to bring us to a place of possibility, with no limitation to finish the work that Jesus began.

Since 2006, I have been going out for missions to Rwanda and Uganda but now, I feel overstretched as my family is growing with more demands and children want to learn, the church is also young (we meet on a rented classroom)  all things depend on me as the founder; I need to welcome friends to participate in this noble assignment for the glory of God. There are more opportunities to plant new strong spiritual churches if only a team of like faith, like vision and like Spirit agree to walk and work with us for a great spiritual impact in our city and nation.

I had training in leadership (Certificate) and theology ( doctorate in theology). We are willing to sacrifice more and seek to increase the Christian body by preaching the true gospel through one to one, door to door and open air meetings/crusades. We shall continue to cooperate with other leaders of like faith; committed Christians and all the brethren who are ready to assist us in many ways which will enable us achieve our vision and do more for the kingdom. All well-wishers are welcome to join hands with us in spreading the gospel to all before the age of grace closes. God is doing a NEW WORK,a quick work,a sudden work with a new order and a new pattern!! Welcome to Nakuru for ministry and missions, the city God has chosen for

1-Endtime prophetic revival
2-Torch Bearer for Africa / Kenya
3-Spiritual fountain for many to drink in the land
4-Sender of missionaries, apostles and prophets to the Nations
5-Healing and deliverance for all genuine seekers
6-Holy worship and divine utterance to the Body of Christ
7-Heart of Nations and prophetic voice for all.

It is 18 years of preparation for this ministry and I know the price to pay for obeying God. I have been let down and betrayed many times, misunderstood and misused, passed through deep waters that left me isolated and alone, forsaken with many frustrations and disappointments…setbacks and failures while pursuing my calling. 20 YEARS I HAVE BEEN HERE, Iam unacceptable within the area, rejected as being an outsider but GOD has placed me here with a sure prophetic purpose.  My family has deep scars…I have wounds while trying to fulfill all God wants…surely I MUST POSITION MYSELF FOR THE BIG WORK ahead!!

MY WILDERNESS HAS BEEN LONG BUT GOD HAS NOT CHANGED HIS MIND ON ME.WHILE PURSUING THE CALL OF GOD, I DO NEED A TEAM AND GENUINE FRIENDS FOR SUPPORT. I PROMISE YOU, AS WE RELATE EVEN OUR FRIENDS WILL SMILE AS GOD IS ABOUT TO DO GREAT THINGS THROUGH THIS OPEN DOOR.IMAGINE IF BARNABAS HAD NOT GONE FOR PAUL IN THE VILLAGE? IF ELIJAH NEVER WENT FOR ELISHA IN THE FARM…WE HOLD THE KEY OF WHAT GOD CAN DO. I AM on my way of becoming all that God created me to be and being all I can be in God and for God. It is more important to be intimate with God than to be prominent in ministry!!  I may not have money to leave behind, I may not have the fine and luxurious things of life to leave behind…but, I just want to leave behind someone committed to live for God, someone willing to seek more of God and make God real to others. God bless and keep you.


With love in Christ,

Rev. Ogendi Nakuru-Kenya