Christ Outreach International Ministry

Pastor Noah Kemokai

Christ Outreach International Ministry                         

Transit Community R I A Highway Margibi County, Liberia

Motto: Perseverance Brings Success

My name is Pastor Noah Jaiah Kemokai. I am married to a beautiful wife Mrs. Cynthia Kemokai. And God has blessed me with two boys (twins) Elijah and Elisha Kemokai. God has bless be with ministry called Christ outreach. The lord has given us is grace to carry his gospel and to be blessing to orphans, widows and the less privilege.



To see the Gospel have been peach in every communities, countries and he world as large

To see that Christians are well equipped in the Word of God

To see lost souls have been liberated from the bondage of devil.

To see orphans, widows and less privilege have been given clothing, food and medication.

*To see free school have been build for orphans, and the less privilege in order for them to maximize their potential and make a better society for all.


Mission Statement

To reach out every day with the gospel in every communities to share the Word of God

To organize seminar and teaching in every communities

To win twenty souls per day

To share bibles in communities

To share clothes, food and medication to orphans, widows and less privilege

To give free education to orphans and less privilege



The gospel has been impacted in every one life in communities,

The people are well equipped with the Word of God

Souls has been won for the kingdom of God

People have been delivered from bondage of the devil

Orphans widows and the less privilege are well taking care.

Free education have been provided for orphans, and less privilege

Christ Outreach International Ministry is a partner ministry of The Christ United Network. A ministry dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Christ in Liberia, as well as meeting the needs of the people. Would you prayerfully consider donating to this wonderful Christian ministry. All donations can me made on this secure site, and 100% of the donation goes to this ministry.

Thank you and God Bless You! 



Building Project Stalled by Flood Waters

Zion Christian Fellowship’s building project has incurred a setback, as flood water have hindered the building project. Pastor Mendy John said the cleanup took days, and now they are in a position to continue work; however, their budget is depleted.  The next phase of the project is the much needed roof.

Pastor John is a partner in the Christ United Network, and is calling for any assistance from the Network, or any individuals wishing to donate funds to support wonderful work of God in Liberia.


Donations can be made by going to our secure Donate Page .

Thank you and bless you for your support of World Missions.