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Calling All Start-ups, Small & Medium Churches  

    Let Revive 21 Help You Grow

Pastors, have you been concerned about the growth rate of your church; have programs and outreaches not achieved your expectations for reaching your community, then let the Revive 21 team assist you in growing the ministry that God has blessed you with.

Revive 21’s goal, is to assist in the growth of the local church through our customized long-term growth and relationship buildings initiatives, utilizing essential biblical tools, support systems and encouragement.

Our blessed team of Christian professionals, councillors, and ministers have wealth of practical experience in every area of ministry and support systems, from pastoral, to financial, to technical and so much more; thus, we are able to address any and all concerns and provide God given guidance and support that has helped countless numbers of ministries in North America grow and prosper.

This outreach is free of charge and one thousand percent (1000%) confidential, and is open to any church or ministry in North America.  So, if church growth is important to you, or if you are just starting out in ministry, give us a call, we would love to assist and co-labor with you.