You Never Know

You Never Know

This weekend is when Hollywood hands out its annual Oscar Awards. Not too long ago a television station was playing a list of past Academy Award winning films. I happened to watch a film that starred Tom Hanks, called Forest Gump. From this film came many notable quotes, one of the most famous was,“ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I began to think about this line, and there is truth to it. In life, there are no guarantees that your plans will turn out exactly as you imagined. There are too many internal and external variables that may move you one way, or another; as well, you never know how these forces will affect you, positively or negatively. Thus, there is a lot of uncertainty that the decisions we make are the correct ones to guide our lives.  Hence, you never know what you’re gonna get. However, there is one decision that you can count on, and that is, a relationship […]

Conquering Faith

I believe and proclaim by the Spirit of our loving Father, that 2018, is the year of Conquering Faith. As we determine to expound on this very important area of Christian life, it will cause faith to rise and increase, thus resulting in the miraculous and wonderful victories in Christ Jesus. This is the year that faith will grow, not only in understanding , but in application, producing amazing results in the lives of those who will dedicate themselves to standing firm (by faith) in the Word and promises of God. 1 John 5: 4,5 it states “You see, every child of God overcomes the world, for our faith is the victorious power that triumphs over the world. So who are the world conquerors, defeating its power? Those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”  (TPT) The biblical truths regarding faith are, It is impossible to please God without faith, each one of us has been given the measure of faith (and incidentally it’s the same measure for everyone), faith comes […]

God’s Modern Day Generals

The month of June was an amazing time spent with two of God’s modern day generals, Dr. Morris Cerullo, who just celebrated 71 years in ministry, and at age 86, and Kenneth Copeland, who is celebrating 50 years in ministry, and in his own words, at the age of 80, still has forty good years to give to the Lord. It was a wonderful anointed time, with both men encouraging us, as a body of believers to exercise our faith, and walk in the promises of God, and to be more diligent in our individual callings, thus being effective witness. Dr. Cerullo conveyed the amazing story of his healing from the deadly disease vasculitis. He told how he repeatedly asked God to take him home, because the pain was so overwhelming, and how his wife would have none of it, praying continuously for his restored health; and God answered her prayer. His message that night was one of God’s infinite love and compassion for his people. That belief in Christ, […]

Standing on the Word of God

If I asked you, what does standing on the Word of God mean to you? The obvious answer is, claiming the blessings and promises of God as found in the Holy scriptures, and by faith, believing the answer to the question or solution is on its way; for God is faithful.  And you would be right. However, this Sunday I experienced a bit of a twist to this, as I literally was standing on the Word of God. No, I was not standing on my Bible; this was entirely something else. It was fun, full of meaning, and a great blessing, as it was a time of interpersonal discovery for all who participated. When I am not on the road my wife and I attend a local church, and over the pasted couple of years the church has been engaged in some improvements, one of which was replacing all the carpeting as well as the tiles. This week happened to be the week that all the demo was done, and […]

Crossroads Bible Study

Recently I have been attending a bible study at Crossroads in Burlington Ontario at the invitation of a friend. It’s a small group of men that get together every Thursday morning to read scripture and then have a lively discussion pertaining to what was just read.  After an hour we adjourn and head for a local restaurant for breakfast where we have a great time of fellowship and discussion. I have to say, it is so enjoyable to study the bible in this fashion. They are a great group of men, made up from those in the business community; some are retired, and some in full time ministry. All have a heart for God and a continued hunger to know more of Him.  These wonderful men of God have been meeting every Thursday for the past 25 years; now that’s dedication. The thing the strikes me about this group is their openness to say and to discuss matters that come from the heart. Though they well know the biblical answers, […]