Crossroads Bible Study

Chapelhill Ministries - Charles Sathmary

Pastor Charles J. Sathmary

Recently I have been attending a bible study at Crossroads in Burlington Ontario at the invitation of a friend.

It’s a small group of men that get together every Thursday morning to read scripture and then have a lively discussion pertaining to what was just read.  After an hour we adjourn and head for a local restaurant for breakfast where we have a great time of fellowship and discussion. I have to say, it is so enjoyable to study the bible in this fashion.

They are a great group of men, made up from those in the business community; some are retired, and some in full time ministry. All have a heart for God and a continued hunger to know more of Him.  These wonderful men of God have been meeting every Thursday for the past 25 years; now that’s dedication.

The thing the strikes me about this group is their openness to say and to discuss matters that come from the heart. Though they well know the biblical answers, they are open to the human aspect of feelings or situations. This is a fruitful exchange that always leads us back to the grace of God. What a blessing it is to be a part of such a group. So I encourage you to find a group like this, or join us on a Thursday morning at 7 AM at Crossroads and be blessed.