God’s Modern Day Generals

Chapelhill Ministries - Charles Sathmary

Charles J. Sathmary

The month of June was an amazing time spent with two of God’s modern day generals, Dr. Morris Cerullo, who just celebrated 71 years in ministry, and at age 86, and Kenneth Copeland, who is celebrating 50 years in ministry, and in his own words, at the age of 80, still has forty good years to give to the Lord. It was a wonderful anointed time, with both men encouraging us, as a body of believers to exercise our faith, and walk in the promises of God, and to be more diligent in our individual callings, thus being effective witness.

Dr. Cerullo conveyed the amazing story of his healing from the deadly disease vasculitis. He told how he repeatedly asked God to take him home, because the pain was so overwhelming, and how his wife would have none of it, praying continuously for his restored health; and God answered her prayer. His message that night was one of God’s infinite love and compassion for his people. That belief in Christ, has not only overcome the grave, but He has overcome everything because of His great love for us. That evening resulted in a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

Kenneth Copeland’s long awaited return to the G.T.A. finally happened after 22 years, and it was worth the wait. The entire Copeland family made the trip to Toronto, as well as his worship team and television ministry all to bless, and demonstrate his commitment to Canada now, and in the future. The three days was filled with wonderful sound biblical teaching regarding faith, and walking in that faith, increase, and healing, not to mention the strong evangelistic outreach that for 50 years has been a driving force of the ministry with 116 million souls won for the Kingdom of heaven.

For those who missed this wonderful opportunity, I pray that these wonderful men of God, will return next year so you may have an opportunity (even for a moment) to sit under the anointed ministries blessed by God, that continue to impact nations for Christ. Let me encourage you to put off any denomination, non-denominational, organizational or anything else that may negatively influence you to be robbed of the chance to be blessed by these great men and women of God. Their years of service to the kingdom, the wisdom and impartation of spirit are something to be gleaned for your benefit; to change your life, to encourage you, to teach you, to strengthen you, to believe with you, so that you may receive all the promises of God.

So next time you hear that, Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, Marilyn Hickey and so on, are coming to your city, don’t missed the opportunity to receive from these great men and women of God. Remember that five-fold ministry is for your benefit.

Be blessed,

Charles J. Sathmary