Standing on the Word of God

Chapelhill Ministries - Charles Sathmary

Rev. Charles J. Sathmary

If I asked you, what does standing on the Word of God mean to you? The obvious answer is, claiming the blessings and promises of God as found in the Holy scriptures, and by faith, believing the answer to the question or solution is on its way; for God is faithful.  And you would be right.

However, this Sunday I experienced a bit of a twist to this, as I literally was standing on the Word of God. No, I was not standing on my Bible; this was entirely something else. It was fun, full of meaning, and a great blessing, as it was a time of interpersonal discovery for all who participated.

When I am not on the road my wife and I attend a local church, and over the pasted couple of years the church has been engaged in some improvements, one of which was replacing all the carpeting as well as the tiles. This week happened to be the week that all the demo was done, and the carpeting removed; which left  our facility looking like an industrial unit and not a church.

A few Sundays prior to the demo, the Pastor suggested that when the carpet and tile was removed, it might be a great idea if we took one Sunday, and instead of our normal service, we would write our favourite, or foundational scriptures on the floor where we sit, pray, worship, usher, greet, teach, or any place in the facility that has a meaning to us.

And this, was that Sunday.  After a time of worship, and a few words on renewal by the Pastor, the congregation was invited, if they wished, to share their passage, or passages of scripture that meant the most to them, and why. A great many shared, and much to my surprise, my wife as well.

This was significant, because my wife tends to shy away from any form of public speaking; however, she thought it was important that everyone hear her passages on love, because of its importance to her, us, and all those we continually pray for in our ministry. Her reading came from 1 Corinthians 13: 4 -7 of which the pastors wife completed upon her reading which was also in 1 Corinthians 13.

After a time of sharing, everyone grabbed a marker and a mat, and began to write on the floor, from the praise and worship team on the platform, to the greeters at the doors, the youth in the foyer, to the children in the Sunday school. It was interesting to watch, as people begin to write with such intensity, and such love for the words they were inscribing on the floor.  There was also a passion to share with others the story behind their selections.

But for me, as a walked the facilities and read each scripture and the person’s name associated with it, I quickly began to realize that I was learning something new about that person, something, I would have never guessed.  These scriptures gave special insight into them.  I could see their heart, the things they were believing for, the things that had come to pass, and the compassion for one another, and more importantly, the love that God has for us all.

I could see what they were standing on; and I will never look at that phrase the same way again.

Be blessed!